Exercises to lose weight: when to drink a shake in your diet

For many people who are committed to becoming fitter and healthier, undertake exercises to lose weight and should be aware when to drink a shake in your diet.

Cardio: A cardio workout will elevate your metabolism for as long as 24 hours after your workout. Try to incorporate an intense cardio routine during one of your exercise sessions as this will help burn more calories for a longer period. If you prefer to walk as one of the best exercises to lose weight, consider brisk jogging for 30 seconds every few minutes during your walk. As you become fitter increase the time of your walks as well as the jogging time. If you find you are breathing hard then your workout is doing what it is supposed to do. To help keep your metabolism up so that it continues to burn calories, try to drink a shake after exercises.

Strength: By incorporating strength exercises in your workout routine for 30 minutes two or three times a week you target most of the muscle groups in your body, which helps you to burn calories.

Swimming: Swimming is one of the most effective exercises for weight loss and helps to tone up the body. For anyone who suffers from arthritis, swimming would be one of the ideal exercises to lose weigh and keep your joints healthy.

Cycling: Cycling will burn as much as 1,000 calories, depending on your fitness level, the speed you cycle and the terrain that you transverse. Consider cycling to work or to the train station instead of driving. After this exercise it would be a beneficial time to drink a shake in your diet.

Running: Running is one of many exercises to lose weight which is very effective, as it will burn up to 600 calories in an hour. It pumps your heart up to a healthy rate which may prevent strokes, as well as helping to build strong bones.

One of the most effective options for exercises to lose weight is to undertake high intensity interval training. Try this over a 20 minute period two or three times a week and it’s a guarantee that you will burn off those calories in no time.

As well as exercise you will benefit when your diet is balanced and includes a shake. It will be an added bonus during your program to lose weight and become fitter if you know when to drink a shake in your diet. Have 5-6 small meals a day and include a shake at least once during the day. A protein shake is useful for busy people as it can be used very effectively as a meal replacement.

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A shake taken first thing in the morning before exercise, will be helpful in protecting your muscles. It also helps prevent your body from using muscles instead of fat to give you the energy during exercise. A low carbohydrate shake is an ideal low calorie snack which will help keep your metabolism rate high while it burns the calories. If you are struggling with hunger pains mid-afternoon or late at night then drinking a shake will help with this problem.

It is important to be aware when to drink a shake in your diet as it will be helpful in your quest to continue exercises to lose weight.

7 Weight Loss Myths Related To Exercising

Here are 7 common myths and the facts that will set you straight when it comes to exercising and how it relates to losing weight.
Myth One: You lose more pounds when you sweat more
Fact One: Weight loss and sweating have nothing in common. Losing weight comes from burning calories. At the end of your work-out, what is going to help you lose weight is that you burned as much or more calories than you consumed. You can work up the biggest sweat while working out, but that will only lose you 1 or 2 pounds of water weight.
Myth Two: If you carry free weights or wear an ankle weight while walking you’ll burn more calories
Fact Two: Your exercise efforts can actually be thwarted by using weights while doing your aerobics. Your everyday gait and the mechanics of your body are altered when adding weight while you jog or walk. It can also put you at risk for straining your ligaments, joints, and tendons.
Myths Three: You will burn up your muscle tissue if you exercise too long.
Fact Three: Your body is constantly burning carbs and fats with very little protein. So one hour of exercise isn’t going to do any damage. However, you do need to limit your time exercising simply to prevent injury.

Myth Four: If you don’t feel pain, you don’t have any gain while working out
Fact Four: Simply because your muscles are burning doesn’t mean you’re getting in shape. A good cardio work out is important for your circulatory a nd heart system, but burning muscles doesn’t mean you’re getting cardio-fit. You do want to get your heart rate up while exercising for the best results.
Myth Five: Targeting one area to lose fat.
Fact Five: Gimmicks are usually too good to even be possibly true. You cannot do a specific
area reduction, it is not physiologically possible.
Myth Six: Stay in your heart rate zone, it doesn’t help burn fat to go over it
Fact Six: You can and will burn fat and if you push yourself to exercise more and go over your heart rate zone, it won’t hurt, as long as you are in good health overall. If you have had heart problems, you need to check with your doctor before doing any type of exercise programs anyway.
Myth Seven: When the motivation starts to drop, work harder
Fact Seven: It can be good to have change Exercise is only good if you’re enjoying it.
A drop in motivation may be a signal it is time to make a change in your exercise routine.