working out on the keto diet

Can you work out during the keto diet?

What is a keto diet?

A ketonic diet, also known as a keto diet, is basically a low-on-carbohydrate diet which involves the production of ketones as a reservoir of energy. These ketones are produced in the liver. When you take carbohydrates in higher ratios, two main components, glucose and insulin are produced by the body. Glucose is easiest to convert and save as a source of energy. While insulin helps transfer this glucose to all body parts. When glucose provides energy, the fats present in your body are not in use and hence are being stored in your body. When a person is on a rich carbohydrate diet, glucose is used to support the body by providing it with the required energy. When this carbohydrate intake is lowered, the body moves into a condition known as ketosis.

Ketosis is an inherent process of the body which is initiated at times when we consume less food and we need energy to survive. During this time, ketones are produced, which are basically processed with the help of fats that are present in the body. Main goal of this diet is to make your body reach this metabolic state. This is a process which is basically carried out by the starvation of carbs. If you are concerned about how you will follow a perfect keto diet and achieve the physique that you have been dreaming about, Ketoworks is the solution to all your worries.

Why Ketoworks?

ITWORKS KETO! This website provides you with every bit of detail concerning the keto diet and lifestyle. It is an online platform which helps you reach your dream physique by supporting you through your keto diet. It promotes the idea of eating fat to burn fat. It enlightens people about how one doesn’t need to start starving themselves in other to lose weight. Rather eating fat is the way to lose more of it. Ketoworks assists you with expert advice, various meal prep ideas and lifestyle hacks. They also have a wide range of keto diet-friendly products like keto coffee, keto creamer, etc. to make the process of your ketonic diet simple and convenient. They also help you with advices, tips and hacks to make your diet easier.

No need of exercising during ketosis

Can you work out during the keto diet why/why not? It is amazing how you can lose a good amount of weight without even adding additional exercises to your daily regime. This is solely dependent on the procedure of the keto diet which works differently as compared to the traditional way of losing fat. The reasons why the body doesn’t require exercise during a ketonic diet includes: Firstly, on keto diet, your body is undergoing ketosis. It involves burning the fat you eat in addition to your body’s own fat, for the purpose of providing you with good amount of energy. This energy is an important aspect in everything you do and is required not only to exercise but in every single activity the body does. Energy is needed by the body even when it is in a state of rest or even when you are asleep. And during ketonic diet, all this energy comes from the fat. Therefore, one doesn’t need to exercise to lose weight. On second aspects, this keto diet curbs your hunger and appetite.

Therefore, even though you do not keep a track of the calories, you are still likely to be having a low calorie intake naturally. This indicates that the calories used by your body is more than the calories you have taken even without burning off the extra calories by exercising.

Why working out is a favourable option

Working out however, definitely impacts and improves the speed and effectiveness of the ketonic diet you are on, simultaneously giving you better results. This is mainly because of how the keto diet works. As ketosis involves burning fat of the body, the fat stores are the main source of energy during work outs and exercising. Burning the amount of fat depends on the type of diet you have. For example, in case you have a carb rich diet, fat starts to burn after around twenty minutes of cardio.

On the other hand, if you are on a low carbohydrate diet, you start burning fat from the very first minute of your exercise. Also, as the ketonic diet is basically focused on burning the fat of the body and doesn’t cause any muscle loss, the result of any muscle building exercise will be more prominent. This signifies that a combination of both, the ketonic diet in addition to exercising, will give you the best results.